Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yet Another Reason To Be Sick Of Boston

It's not easy being the commissioner of the NFL these days. After the Michael Vick saga took a back seat to the regular season, Roger Goodell is now faced with dealing with the fact that the Patriots filmed the Jets' signals on defense to gain a competitive advantage. Reports are that the team might lose multiple draft picks due to the violation. They deserve more. In my opinion, the game should be forfeited. While that seems harsh, you have to look at the circumstances. If somebody was able to identify signals and relay that to the coaches, then it doesn't take too much of an imagination to believe that it affected the outcome of the game. Was the game a blowout? Yes, but it doesn't matter. Well, it shouldn't matter.

On another note, what are we to think of Bill Belichick? The certified genius has to be looked at in a different light. Exactly how did he win those championships? Was he cheating the whole time? What he has done in New England has been nothing short of amazing, but these recent allegations have now tarnished it. Tom Brady is great, and there wasn't any cheating when Vinatieri made those kicks, but how they got in those situations can now be questioned. This is extremely serious. We get all up in arms about steroids, but this seems to be the equivalent for coaches. It is just one step below on the cheating scale than gambling. Taking away draft picks isn't enough. Take away the win and give it to the team who felt it wasn't necessary to cheat. Otherwise, you're just encouraging this kind of behavior.


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