Sunday, September 30, 2007

New York's State Of Mind

Sports personalities around the country have been trying to debunk the theory that you need to be playing your best baseball heading into the playoffs. Even Mike & Mike spent a segment this week proving that teams that slagged in September didn't continue their woes in October. You can even look at last year's Cardinals team, who lost seven straight late in the season, but ultimately won the World Series. However, there is one flaw in this theory: you have to actually make the postseason.

The Mets did not make the postseason. They lost six of their last seven games, and were swept by Philadelphia at home in their last meeting. Don't tell me playing good September ball doesn't matter. It sure matters to the Mets, their fans, and more importantly, Willie Randolph. I don't see any reason he should be invited back. This might be the worst collapse in MLB history, and as far as Mets fans are concerned, it is.

While most of the talk around the water cooler will be about the Mets, let's not forget about the Phillies. They did what they needed to do: win. Although they are hot going into the playoffs, there has to be a fear of a letdown. It was an emotional finish to the 2007 regular season, and I am not sure if they have enough left in the tank for a playoff run. But then again, you look at the Diamondbacks, Cubs and Padres/Rockies, and you remember they have as good of a chance as anybody.

Which leads us to tomorrow's playoff-before-the-playoffs. I love these games. There is nothing better in sports than a Game 7 or sudden death. After all, that's why the Superbowl and March Madness are so popular. The Rockies have won thirteen of their last fourteen, and considering that they are at home, I got them beating the Padres, who were swept by Colorado last weekend.


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