Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Brunch

After Sunday's games, you could identify the victors by one common denominator: they were hungry. San Diego, Dallas and Indianapolis were the three teams this weekend who obviously wanted it more than who they played. Chicago just ended up getting Phillip Rivers mad. New York made Tony Romo forget all about January. New Orleans, well, looked like the "Ain'ts" of old. It's easy to chalk it up to the fact that the winning teams are usually more fired up than ones that are getting their butt kicked, but certain teams were in more of a football mode than others. And seeing as they are already there by the first week, pencil these teams in for January. Yeah, I know, picking the Chargers, Cowboys and Colts as good teams isn't really going out on a limb. But it's Week One. Basing season predictions off of one game isn't really a smart nor scientific way to go. It's basically the same as preseason predictions, which I have already discussed as being nothing but an educational guessing game. However, seeing certain teams crank their game to the next level, with the season just starting, is always a good sign. There is a reason these teams were obviously going to be good. The fact they laid their hearts out this early is the reason why.


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