Thursday, September 27, 2007

10 Down, 4 To Go

This weekend I will kick back, pop open a Coors, and enjoy the show the Rockies have been putting on. Well, no, I won't be drinking Coors. My father recently made the switch to it, which is of concern to any KC native, because there is something in our blood that makes us hate everything associated with Colorado. However, I must admit I'll be rooting for the Rockies this weekend. Like father, like son.
Currently two games back in the West and one game out of the Wild Card, Colorado is on a ten game winning streak. In those ten games, they are outscoring their opponents at a ratio better than 2-1. I believe they call this "momentum". For how much it pains me to root for my western neighbors, I must say that the Rockies deserve it.

Colorado has made the playoffs a total of one time. The teams they are fighting - Arizona, San Diego, New York, And Philadelphia - since 1993 (the year of the Rockies' conception) have made eleven playoff appearances. The only other team who has any right to complain (and they will) is Philly, who hasn't been active in October since that same year. So I guess I would want something like the Phillies winning the East and the Rockies winning the WC. It probably won't happen, but then again, it's not like I'll be paying much attention to the NL come October anyways. Well, unless they can get Sam Elliot to do the play-by-play. Then I'll be watching, Coors in hand.


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