Monday, September 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Week 2 is in the books. From now on, we will be able to fully gauge each team's status. Up until this point, you couldn't really take too much out of these games. Yes, the Bengals' defense is bad, but is Cleveland really capable of putting up another fifty points? What version of Donovan McNabb will we get this year? Why is Rex Grossman still playing? We will find out the answers to these questions and more. These are what I call my preseason rankings, since everything until now was just a guessing game:

1. New England 2-0
No doubt about it, these guys are for real. They dismantled the Chargers, Brady actually has weapons, and their defense will only get better. Oh, and insert your cheating joke here.

2. Indianapolis 2-0
They got a scare on Sunday, but wins on the road in the division are always good things. I actually like this team better than last year's Super Bowl team. It's probably because they no longer have Jason David.

3. Pittsburgh 2-0
Haven't had a real test yet, but they look good. They were supposed to cream Cleveland and Buffalo, and they did.

4. Dallas 2-0
Firing on all cylinders. They need to clean their defense up, but they play in the JV league, so everything should be fine.

5. Green Bay 2-0
If Favre can settle into his new role, then the mix of defense and no mistakes puts them in the playoffs.

6. San Francisco 2-0
Bad division. Good defense. Frank Gore. No wonder they were the bandwagon team of 2007.

7. Houston 2-0
Matt Schaub has looked great so far. However, he has played the Chiefs and an unstable Panthers team. I still would've taken Reggie Bush.

8. Detroit 2-0
Jon Kitna is coming through with his promises. They still look about a year or two away from really competing though.

9. Washington 2-0
Two wins, but both were very close. With their running backs, they should be closing out games better than this.

10. Denver 2-0
Same story as Washington. Games against Buffalo and Oakland aren't really barometers for the season.

11. Baltimore 1-1
I would put them higher, seeing as their game against the Bengals shows why you can't predict how a team will do in Week 1, but I don't put teams above others with better records. "You play to win the game!"

12. San Diego 1-1
What happened to Philip Rivers? He needs to pick things up, because teams will stack the line. Gotta love that Norv Turner offense, right?

13. Arizona 1-1
They split their first two division games, but will get better. It's hard to see what these NFC West teams are like when they are only playing each other.

14. Seattle 1-1
The Seahawks should run away with this division, but they are moving further and further away from their Super Bowl team. A squad in decline.

15. Tennessee 1-1
They have their ups, they have their downs. The quicker Vince Young learns, the quicker this team moves up the ranks.

16. Carolina 1-1
So inconsistent. For some reason, everybody expects this team to do well every year. Why?

17. Jacksonville 1-1
Does Jack Del Rio even care anymore? I have no idea what he is trying to do with this team. I don't expect a lot from the Jags.

18. Minnesota 1-1
Is Adrian Peterson the real deal? The Vikings better hope so. You only need one play maker in this division.

19. Chicago 1-1
The defense will end up getting worn down by the end of the year. If the Saints didn't have a rookie coach last year, the Bears would've missed the Super Bowl, which would had left Grossman in a Falcons uniform.

20. Tampa Bay 1-1
Jeff Garcia can win games. Unfortunately, not too many others on this team can, and their coach forgot how.

21. Cleveland 1-1
It would really serve you better to lose games and get Quinn in. You see what happened to Notre Dame without him?

22. Cincinnati 1-1
Man, this defense is awful! 51 points to the Browns? Almost losing that Monday night game to Baltimore? This whole team is awful.

23. New Orleans 0-2
This team needs an identity quick. Luckily, no undefeated teams in the NFC South.

24. Philadelphia 0-2
McNabb is obviously not healthy. They could probably right the ship, but they have two 2-0 teams ahead of them. Time to buckle down.

25. New York Jets 0-2
Two tough games to start the season. But in the AFC, you can't fall behind.

26. Buffalo 0-2
I still don't know what they see in Losman. Just not enough talent on this team to compete, so it's not like its his fault, but I just don't see it.

27. New York Giants 0-2
The NY teams are becoming irrelevant right before an election year. The media thanks you. So does Tiki Barber.

28. St. Louis 0-2
With Orlando Pace out, the Rams struggle. These are the things that kill fantasy teams. Linehan needs to figure it out, quick.

29. Miami 0-2
The door is closing for this defense. They should use all their draft picks on Alabama grads and never play them. It'll make them feel better.

30. Kansas City 0-2
What a horrendous coaching staff. The decision to make Mike Solari the OC will haunt this team. Is Schottenheimer available?

31. Oakland 0-2
Their defense doesn't look as good as last year's, and their offense is better, but still not good. A lot of work to be done.

32. Atlanta 0-2
What can you say? I hear they are looking at signing Leftwich. It won't matter. Hello Brian Brohm!

* Fantasy note: you should only be adding/dropping players due to injury, or if nobody has picked up Wes Welker yet. Just wait it out.
*Heavy metal watch: Ted Nugent has been added and Ozzy Osbourne confirmed.


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