Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ryan Leaf, Jake Plummer and Rex Grossman Walk Into A Bar...

Early reports are coming out that Rex Grossman will be benched and Brian Griese will Start Sunday for the Chicago Bears. Watch out, NFC North, because the division has just gotten that much tougher. Starting the year 1-2, with six interceptions and only one touchdown, Lovie Smith has finally pulled the plug. This is why official NFL jerseys should only cost $10; you buy the jersey of your favorite team's quarterback, only to have to get your second mortgage to afford your new pink Brian Griese replica. Grossman jerseys are currently on sale for $74.99 on nfl.com. For $79.96, you can buy four DVDs of America's Games: 1985 Chicago Bears.

For all of you Grossman fans (both of you), consider this: Rex has a worse passer rating than J.T. O'Sullivan. His current ranking is one spot higher than Trent Edwards, two spots higher than Tarvaris Jackson, three spots higher than Ronald Curry (a wide receiver) and four spots higher than Robbie Gould (Chicago's place kicker). He is barely better at being a quarterback than his own kicker! Ouch. The only other quarterbacks with worse ratings are Luke McCown, Melwelde Moore and Anthony Wright.

I can't wait until Griese puts up three TDs against the horrible Detroit secondary, sparking the "what if?" conversations in the Windy City. Also, Sexy Rexy will still be on the sidelines, clipboard in hand, giving us his best Drew Bledsoe impression by folding his arms for all four quarters, starting into the sky like a teenage girl dreaming about Hollywood. The 2007 NFL season is now officially underway.


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