Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stay Away From The Wire!

So, your fantasy team got owned by the Tony Romo/Randy Moss duo your grandmother put up against you? Don't panic. And whatever you do, get away from waiver wire. Unless your quarterbacks' names are Eli and Chad, you don't need to revamp your roster. Just because Larry Johnson didn't get you thirty points doesn't mean you're doomed. I never pick up anybody after the first week unless I have injuries. Remember, I have the perfect recipe for second place. It's better than last.

However, if nobody in your league was smart enough to draft Wes Welker (as I was), pick him up now. Wes recorded a touchdown Sunday, and with the sudden rebirth of Randy Moss, expect the double teams to favor him. Maybe the Pats won't be able to cheat their way to your Week Two victory, but you can't lose to your six year old niece and start off 0-2.


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