Friday, September 28, 2007

Sugar, Cream and the Clear

If you ask any random person off the street if they think boxing is a legit sport, and they say yes, than you should be confident in the assumption that this person is not somebody who you want to be taking advice from. It's been that way for a while, and it is part of the eventual downfall boxing has taken since Lennox Lewis retired. The De La Hoya/Mayweather fight was supposed to save boxing from the depths of MMA hell, but Sugar Shane Mosley might have just buried its corpse.

Mosley, who is scheduled to fight Miguel Cotto on Nov. 10 for the WBC welterweight title, is alleged to have taken "the cream" and "the clear" before his 2003 fight with De La Hoya, which he won. Somewhere, the CEO of Spike TV is smiling. As far as boxing goes, nobody cared about fixed fights. Nobody cared that in the Hoya/Mayweather fight that neither boxer seemed willing to get a bruise. But everybody cares when it comes to steroids. This makes boxing seem as unrealistic (not to mention unwatchable) as pro wrestling.
According to the report, Mosley doped up as early as five days before the fight. I would say that is a definite advantage, especially considering that the Balco drug is used primarily for stamina sports like running and cycling, and that the De La Hoya fight went 12 rounds.
I officially declare the sport of boxing dead. It's been on life support for a long time now, was showing some signs of life, but after much deliberation from friends and family members, it has been decided to be let go. Oh, and by the way, Mike Tyson might be going to jail. I'll go get the shovel.


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