Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woes For Oden

Professional basketball has never been kind to Portland. Whenever they get a chance to finally breakthrough and have somewhat of a respectful franchise, Lady Luck continues to show her bad side. While there may never be a bigger mistake than picking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, it currently will be overshadowed by their selection of Greg Oden over Kevin Durant this year. This is because Greg Oden is now out for his rookie season.

Now, Oden might recover and still be the guy who Dennis Green thought he was. That being said, I feel the same way as I did in January; that Durant was the player to get. Everybody else seemed to think so as well, until around late February. That's when everybody jumped on the bandwagon that picking the franchise big man over the flashy star was the right choice. While Oden could be seen dominating college centers during his stay at Ohio State, he constantly was sitting out games because of foul trouble. Kevin Durant, on the other hand, completely took over every game he was in. It was amazing to anybody who watched him. Despite losing to them twice (see: Rick Barnes), he carved up Kansas like a Thanksgiving turkey. During key pressure moments, he was seen screaming and pumping his fists. He was a leader, a force to be reckoned with. Oden was apathetic. This is the same guy who would've been a dentist if he wasn't such a physical monster. Which makes sense, because when Seattle's newest star is ripping up defenses all over the league, Blazers fans will be pulling their teeth out.


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