Friday, September 21, 2007

Mets And Sox: Get It Together

Darn. My preseason Mets/Sox World Series pick looked good for a long time, but not anymore. I realize a slumping September team won it all last year, but that is the exception rather than the rule. In 2005, the White Sox had a record of 19-12 in September and October, for the regular season, winning eight of the last ten, and winning the first seven games and last five games. Going into the playoffs, they were playing good ball. In 2004, The Red Sox had a record of 21-11, finishing the regular season going 7-2, and going 14-1 from Aug. 16-Sept. 8. In 2003, The Marlins went 18-8, ending the season going 7-1, with a seven game winning streak. Need I go on? You have to have momentum going into the playoffs.

As it stands, the Mets have lost six of seven and the Red Sox have lost five of six. Conversely, the Phillies have won eight of nine and the Yankees have won four in a row, with a seven game win streak in September. If either the Mets or Sox want to be successful in October, they need to go on at least a four game win streak to end the year.

I was at Kauffman Stadium yesterday and witnessed Zack Greinke's eight inning, two hit, zero walks and ten strikeout performance against the White Sox. Where did that come from? All 48 of us in attendance were getting geeked up about seeing him come out to a standing ovation in the ninth, but thanks to Buddy Bell, it never happened. He sent in Soria, and Greinke never even got a chance to come out and wave for the fans. What a disgrace. I mean, what could Bell possibly be saving him for? The explanation was something about putting Zack on a pitch count, which is valid, except for the fact that Greinke was pitching the game of his life. He couldn't throw a ball to save his life; just amazing command. What if he had a no-hitter going? $100 says Bell still would have sent it Soria. Horrible.
By the way, Jon Garland threw a complete game with only 78 pitches - and lost.


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