Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Charlie and His Underachieving Football Factory

Now, it's too early to call just yet, but Charlie Weis doesn't seem to be handling this head coach gig as well as we thought he would. Now that we are seeing a Notre Dame team that is actually his, it is easier to judge. It's not necessarily the 0-3 record that bothers me, it's the fact that this team simply was not ready to play football this year.

Weis has said as much. Explaining a special Sunday practice after another embarrassing loss, Weis said, "We are going back to our first day of installation of training camp ... and everything is even steven, like it's the first day out there and everything's up for grabs." What? You're going into week 4, buddy. You are supposed to have these things figured out by now. Training camp is over. Notre Dame has a tradition of winning, and the boosters, alum and student body don't have time for you to go back to square one. That is what training camp is for. In no way did Weis prepare his team for the 2007 season. They have -14 rushing yards for the year, for God's sake! Struggling at the beginning of the year is fine, but not even being ready by week 4 is underachieving at the highest level.


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