Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No Break For The PGA

Finally, golf's biggest (only) rivalry has come to fruition. Phil Mickleson outlasted Tiger Woods to win the Deutsche Bank Championship, taking the top spot in the FedEx Cup. It is on. Well, except for one little fact: Lefty will not be participating in the BMW Championship. Once again, thank God it's football season. While it will be interesting to see if Tiger can regain his usual #1 status, we are denied the head-to-head rivalry professional golf has been waiting for. The ratings for this event would have been huge. Well, as huge as it could be during opening week of the most popular sport in the country. Golf needed this, as well as the fans. Sixteen NFL teams will lose this week, and fans of sixteen teams will want something to watch. The PGA better roll around in mud and do a dance for the Gods, because if Tiger isn't in contention at the BMW, then neither will professional golf. Thanks Lefty, for making our decisions at the remote control easier than we ever thought they would be.


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