Saturday, September 15, 2007

Suck Of The Irish

Monday will be halfway to St. Patrick's Day 2008. The Fighting Irish celebrated it in a weird way. Actually, just call them the Irish, because there is absolutely no fight in these dogs. After a 38-0 massacre at the hands of the 0-2 Michigan Wolverines, we are left to wonder if this team can just simply win a game. Here are the rushing totals for their first three games: -8, 0, -6. To quote the coach from Dazed and Confused, "Hell, man. My grandmother's quicker and tougher than you pansies." This is utterly pathetic. And to think that the Irish still has to face USC...
Speaking of USC, they are currently giving Nebraska a beating in a game that I stopped watching a while ago. I loved all the hype about this game. During the Trojans' week off, Nebraska Fan spent every waking minute hootin' and hollerin' about how they were ready to knock off the #1 team in the country. I guess they didn't get the memo that you actually have to tackle the opposing team's running back. Have fun trying to play two-hand-touch with Texas A&M and Texas. We'll all be watching. Until halftime, anyways.

Other notes from around college football

Florida, Cal, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Oregon looked really good on Saturday. It's been a while since we've had this many outstanding teams in one season. Any of these teams could beat USC or LSU. Penn State is also impressing a lot of people, but I don't see them being title contenders. I still like LSU/Oklahoma, since I see USC losing to Oregon and/or Cal, both of which are road games. If LSU beats Florida on Oct. 6, they will go unbeaten. If Florida wins, then it's Oklahoma vs (fill in the blank). The Big 12 is weak this year, even though Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri are looking better every week. A lot will shake out in the next few weeks, but I don't expect any of these teams to flounder.


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