Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burned Out

Kelly Naqi from ESPN has reported that Michael Vick had tested positive for marijuana. Why couldn't that town hall meeting extravaganza have been held today instead of last night? Oh well. It looks like Vick is done in the NFL. Now, I could care less about what Vick does or does not smoke. However, many people do, and they seem to be the ones who are the loudest. I can't imagine a dog-killing, pot-smoking, middle-finger-waving Michael Vick being allowed to play again, unless it's for the Raiders.

This latest transgression isn't what people care about. Believe me, more people hate dog killers than pot smokers. But for the people that really hate Vick (for his dog killing), they will use this positive test as a means to strike a nail in the coffin. It kind of reminds me of the people who were giddy over the possibility of O.J. going to jail over his latest arrest; using one crime to punish someone for a former crime.

If you consider the fact that Pacman Jones was suspended one year for crimes he was never found guilty of, how long would a twice-convicted player who flips off his own fans be suspended? I would be fine with three years, given that he doesn't have that long of a prison sentence. If Vick can sit out three years and still make a team, more power to him. If he can't, then I can't feel sorry for him. If you're guilty, you are not a victim.


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