Friday, October 26, 2007

Yo Quiero Baseball!

Apparently, the sole purpose of the World Series is to sell Taco Bell products. Either that, or to convince you to watch House. Whatever the reason, I came out of Game 2 learning only one thing: J.D. Drew cannot be stopped. Yes, you read that correctly. He's the anti-Alex Rodriguez; he tanks the regular season and is on fire in October. By Game 3, Boston fans could hear that Drew is starting while David Ortiz is on the bench, and they wouldn't even bat an eye. Try telling that to Red Sox Nation a month ago. Few things baffle the mind more than Drew showing emotion, but perhaps these (mostly) non-baseball notes from Game 2 will come close.

  • What's with the need to screw up the National Athem before each game? James Taylor couldn't have butchered that more if he were P-Diddy.
  • Fox is making a show based of Terminator.
  • Tim McCarver gave us his Keys to the Game. Colorado: score early. Boston: don't lose. He seriously gets paid for this?
  • Kevin Youkilis looks like a cross between Edward Norton in American History X and Rob Halford from Judas Priest.
  • Slogan from an E*Trade commerical: "things you can do with one finger". ---------------
  • An XBOX commercial had children singing a Poison song which is about having sex. Classic.
  • Will Clint Hurdle be the last Royal ever to make SI? That was in 1978, by the way.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury won everybody in America a free taco. I'm elated.
  • Which has the most: the amount of different beards in the WS, or branches on Shawn Kemp's family tree?
  • McCarver quote: "he strikes like a cobra in a basket". Creative.
  • J.D. Drew is 4-9 with runners in scoring position this postseason.
  • People at Fenway boo fellow fans when they fail to catch a flyball.
  • That previous sentence had five words that started with the letter "f".
  • Eric Byrnes is the long-lost brother of the Dell Guy.

And there you are. Since judging these games are useless until we see the Rockies at home, I decided to give some other useless facts. Don't judge me.


Fruit species said...

I have to admit I don't know much about baseball but I do know the legendary Joe Dimaggio. You must be a sport fanatic :)

Anonymous said...

Free taco!!! WOO HOO!!

Anonymous said...

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