Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Hot Team, a Hammering and a Hat

I've always admired baseball announcers for the job that they do. Baseball is a slow, drawn out game (wait until they install instant replay!), and it isn't easy to fill the downtime. And when you add in a beating like the one handed to the Yankees by Cleveland on Thursday, you have even more time begging for entertainment. Which is why, for an inexplicable amount of time, Chip Caray and the boys directed us to LeBron James' hat.

Apparently, it's suppose to be a big deal that LeBron was wearing a Yankees hat. He is from Cleveland and plays for the Cavaliers. Well, he is a Yankees fan. We learned that piece of information during an awkward yet entertaining exchange between James and a TBS reporter (I don't know who he was, and I don't care), where the reporter called him out on being a front runner for being a fan of the Yankees, Bulls and Cowboys. Well, yeah, he is. But LeBron didn't grow up watching his local sports heroes; he grew up being a local sports hero. Let him root for who he wants. This story was on the front page of And journalists wonder why people despise the media...

In actual baseball-related news, James' Yankees got shelled by the Indians, 12-3. The question coming into the postseason for New York was their pitching. That question has been answered: it blows. When 138-year old Kenny Lofton goes three for four with four RBIs, you have problems on the mound. During the game, TBS was even playing a commercial making fun of the fact that Lofton seems to be shipped to a new team every 6 months. That is not a good sign. What's next, Ricky Henderson being activated and hitting a grand slam?

And there's some actual good news for Mets fans. The Phillies are getting dominated by the Rockies, so the other New York fans can actual find some rest knowing that they wouldn't have been able to beat Colorado anyways. Actually, nobody can. Since you can already pencil them in for the NLCS, who is going to beat them? Arizona or Chicago? I really doubt it. Unless the Cubs can force a Game 5, the Rockies are too hot. Maybe if they had to sit around while the Chicago/Arizona series dragged on, some of the fire will cool. Maybe.

One last note. Nobody is going to watch Frank Caliendo's new show, Frank TV. TBS is whoring this out to the point where even if you liked Caliendo, you would still boycott it. Yes, he does a good John Madden impression, we know. As a matter of fact, he does a lot of good impressions, the only problem is that the writing is god-awful, as it has been with everything he's ever done. When will networks learn that when you air a promo five times during every commercial break, that you are drawing away otherwise potential viewers? This October may force people never to watch TBS again. Also, stop saying that Frank TV is "changing the face of late night". It hasn't aired yet! Unless by "changing the face of late night" you mean "being the most hated show before anyone sees it", then be quiet. Just put the Kenny Lofton commercial on repeat until you get a new camera angle on LeBron James' hat.


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