Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Free Willie

If I were to cheat on my girlfriend, she would leave me. If I were to bring home a cat, my dog would run away. If I were to lead a major league baseball team to the biggest collapse in history... I would keep my contract extension? Well, Willie Randolph did, as Mets general manager Omar Minaya announced that Randolph will not be fired. Exactly what do you need to do to get fired in this league, own a dog fighting ring? Some things, like the examples I have given above, are just too painful. At a certain point things just cannot stay the same.

Mets fans needed Willie to be fired. The 2008 season will be one of anxiety and pessimism with Randolph in the dugout, even if he is sans mustache. He will always be the face of the 2007 Mets. Much like the fans here in Kansas City must reluctantly let go of Mike Sweeney, the face of the franchise during their worst years, New Yorkers need to rid themselves of any evidence of what has transpired over the past month. While it might not have been Randolph's fault, he has been the face of it. Not Tom Glavine or any other player, but Willie Randolph.
Like having to see an ex-girlfriend getting married or watching your beloved Rover frolic with new owners, some things are just too hard to bear. I mean, check out the above picture, a design from tshirthell.com. Randolph should not have accepted the Mets' offer, and respectfully walked away from the holocaust that was the 2007 season. He would have found another job, and if he really is a good manager, he would be rewarded. But no, he will be at Shea next spring. You might be able to rub the lipstick off your collar, but Mets fans will never get this taste out of their mouth until Randolph is gone.


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