Thursday, October 18, 2007

Way To Go, Joe

12 years, 4 championships. In case you didn't major in math, that's one championship every three years. Well, Joe Torre accomplished that, and what did he get? A one year offer for a lower salary. That is Torre's way of saying "Eff you" to the New York Yankees, who are probably the most disgusting, unrewarding franchise in American sports history. And people wonder why the Yankees are hated so much? Joe Torre should win AL manager of the year for the work he did this season, but in return gets an insulting contract negotiation.

The real question here is did this come from Steinbrenner, or his sons? If it came from his sons, then the Yankees are not in good hands. With the loss of Torre, they may also lose Mariano Rivera. Plus, they need A-Rod to stay. What do you think A-Rod will take out of this? His manager, who he loved, was basically pimp-slapped by the Yankees. What is keeping him from saying, "You know what, eff you too" and going off to L.A. or Chicago? And who in their right mind wants to manage this team? A championship every three years isn't enough? No thank you.

Note to ESPN: this story is big, but it's not that big. The coverage they are giving this makes it seem like not only did Torre say no, but he also set Yankee Stadium on fire and impregnated Steinbrenner's daughter. Please, I don't need two solid hours of Buster Olney and Steve Phillips telling me that they don't know anything yet.


Anonymous said...

Come to KC, Joe!!!

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