Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Coliseum

I wrote last weekend that upsets to Florida and Oklahoma had killed chances for a playoff in college football. Well, USC just opened the debates back up. There is a good chance that all of the top five teams could lose a game this season, and if they do, picking out two of them to play for the national title would be impossible. The best talking points for the pro-playoff crowd (99% of people on Earth), are the occurrences of multiple undefeateds or no undefeateds. With USC's loss to Stanford, there is no clear #2, and there might not even be a clear #1 by the end of November. It is a great year for college football. If it ended in controversy, the backlash should be enough to end this stupid BCS BS. I will be rooting for all the unbeatens to lose, except for Kansas, of course.

There is no better feeling than owning your rival. My school, Kansas, has abused Kansas State in basketball. It has gotten to a point where we can no longer brag about beating the Wildcats on the court, but are subject to endless bragging if we were to lose. It's not very fun that way. The reverse has been the case for football, but now that has changed. KU's win Saturday at Manhattan was the turning point for Jayhawk football. They haven't won there since 1989, where I was more concerned with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than sports. But now with a new TMNT movie and a road win against the Wildcats, deja vu has never tasted sweeter.

With USC's loss, the idea of heading down the road to San Diego and coach the Chargers must have started to look a lot better for Pete Carroll. This was picked up on by Norv Turner, who then beat the Broncos 41-3 less than 24 hours later. Good rebound. Speaking of the number 41, that's how many points the Trojans were favored against Stanford. I know it was a huge upset, but I don't want to live in a world where any team is favored by 40 or more points. Maybe now it won't happen again.

It was yet again a Saturday full of upsets, but none bigger than this: Notre Dame 20, UCLA 6. That's two in a row the Barely Fighting Irish have taken from the Bruins. I was really hoping that Notre Dame would be winless when they played Navy, but you take what you can get. With Randy Moss having zero touchdowns on Sunday, he now only leads the Notre Dame offense 7-6 on the year, though he has played one less game. On Friday, he was leading 7-4. Come on Randy, you can do this.


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