Tuesday, October 9, 2007

League Championship Preview

One must wonder how long the Yankees can keep their postseason run going. The Bronx Bombers have thus far purchased their October tickets, but seem to be going towards the path of bringing in young guys through their system, or in other words - what everybody else does. Torre is probably already packing his bags, and might have to fight for the airplane window seat with Alex Rodriguez. Jorge Posada's contract is up, but is expected to stay. Mariano Rivera is up in the air, as is Andy Pettite. Roger Clemens is probably done. Even though the Yanks have good youngsters in Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, the absence of A-Rod and the Rocket is going to free up some cash. Hopefully, they will do a little bit of rebuilding within and spending outside, but it remains to be seen. But enough about New York. The league championships are set, so let's take a look.

Colorado at Arizona
You'll hear a lot this week about how good these teams are at home, and how the Rockies are hotter right now than Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I'm not sure any of those two points matter much, because now it's a whole different ball game. If pitching really does get it done in the postseason, then count Arizona in the World Series. However, the Diamondbacks' Game 1 starter, Brandon Webb, is 1-3 against Colorado this year with a 5.77 ERA. But again, does that really matter now? What might be telling is that the one win he did have, on September 28, is the only loss the Rockies have had in their last eighteen games, dating back to September 16. Plus, that game was the playoff clincher for Arizona. Everybody will be rooting for the Rockies. The stat that bothers me is that Arizona was actually outscored by their opponents this year. Can a time that scores less than their opposition actually make the World Series? I got the Rockies in 6.

Cleveland at Boston
This is the series everybody is more interested in, mostly because the West Coast teams played too late in the regular season for most people to watch. For me, this series rides on Dice-K. If he can out-pitch Fausto Carmona in Game 2, than the Red Sox should be in good position, even if C.C. Sabathia steals Game 1. Boston is deep, and they have the experience. The problem I have with Cleveland is their bullpen. Joe Borowski is as far away from a sure thing as a closer can be. Believe me, this guy was on my fantasy team, and it seemed like he blew a save every other day. Even with a three run lead against the Yankees last night, he gave up a homer. It's a little deceiving that he lead the AL in saves. His ERA in the regular season was 5.07, which led me to give up on ERA stats in my league, securing my spot in second place; the spot I always get. I'm like the Buffalo Bills of fantasy sports. Anyways, with Ortiz and Manny back in top form, I don't think J.D. Drew could even keep them out of the Series. I got Boston in 5.


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