Wednesday, August 29, 2007

While You're Watching the Yankees/Sox Series

There are some really good ballgames on this week, but everybody seems to be focused on the Yankees and Red Sox. Forget that. The Sox are good, and the Bombers have been bombing. It means relatively nothing to Boston, because there is no way they won't win the AL East. But here are some matchups that are actually important to both sides.

LA Angels (of Anaheim/Sacramento/Orange County/Santa Cruz/Des Moines/Juneau) vs. Seattle Mariners

The Angels are trying to keep their division lead, while Seattle is trying not only to get it, but to also keep the Yankees at length in the Wild Card race. How crazy has the Mariner's season been? They start going on a huge winning streak and gain momentum, only to see their manager quit mid season. You would think they would sink into oblivion by then, but lucky for them, Mike Mussina is still a Yankee.
Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Diego Padres
Only one game between them, this should be an interesting matchup. Don't play the "drink every time your team gets a hit" game. You'll be as sober as the Pope.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles

For purely comical reasons. How bad are these guys? And I'm talking as a Royals fan.

LA Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres

Is anybody else excited to see David Wells pitch on Friday? I'm sure everyone in Hollywood will be sitting at home watching the game. Either that, or at some random club convincing girls named Jill that they are movie producers. It's kind of hard to tell.


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