Tuesday, August 28, 2007

5 NFL Predictions

I hate predictions. Most writers understand two things about predictions in sports. First, any wrong prediction will be forgotten, unless it is something along the lines of "The Royals will win the World Series" or "Baylor will win the Big 12 South". Second, any right prediction can be repeated by the author around 1 billion times after his prophecy is fulfilled. It's really a win/win situation. Well, I'm not going to play that game. Telling you that I think the Patriots will win the Super Bowl, and having that prediction be correct, in no way shows you how intelligent I am when it comes to football. So now I will give you 5 predictions that I wish would be right. Not so I can brag, mind you. These are things that would make the 2007 NFL season the most entertaining in history, and at the same time, probably will never happen.

1. Giants win the Superbowl

How great would it be to have back-to-back Mannings win rings? From 2008 and beyond, the brothers Manning would have a captivating rivalry of who will win the most Super Bowls. I don't even have to mention the ratings that a Giants/Colts championship would provide. Good times had by all.

2. Chargers go 16-0, lose in second round of playoffs

A little more plausible. You could even play a drinking game the following week; one drink for every time you hear the name "Schottenheimer" on SportsCenter. Added bonus: commentary on a wasted season for LT, who racked up 50 touchdowns.

3. David Carr, version 2.0

After a 2-5 start, where Jake Delhomme struggles to consistently hit a wide open Steve Smith, Carr becomes the starting quarterback for the Panthers. They finish 10-6, while Matt Schaub is eating grass down in Houston. Texans fans decide to sport their old Oilers jerseys, and pretend that the Titans are still their team.

4. Vince Young injured in Week 2

Now, I don't usually wish for an injury of a player, but I will make an exception. If Young goes down, the mystique of the "Madden Curse" will forever haunt future star players. I couldn't imagine anybody accepting to be on the cover after that. Which leads us to Madden '09, which will have Vinny Testaverde on the cover.

5. Chiefs win the Superbowl

Ok, I am a Chiefs fan. However, this is not the reason for this hopeful prediction. With "Hard Knocks" on HBO this year, we get a rare look into the training camp of a pro football team. If the Chiefs become champions, we now have it documented how training camp looks before a golden season. Down side: every running back from now on will hold out until the final preseason game.


Anonymous said...

lol...you're on the money with Vince Young getting bit by the Madden curse. It's just a matter of time.


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