Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have A Drink On Me

There you go, Milwaukee. Whoa now, slow down with that. Easy....

It looks as though once again, the baseball fans of Wisconsin will be in full-mode Favre-watch by the middle of September, while the defending champions and the Bartman Bombers will be slugging it out for the NL Central crown. At the beginning of July, The Cubs and Cardinals were 6.5 and 9.5 games behind the Brewers in the Central. Oh how things have changed. Milwaukee currently resides at a gentleman's third, 2.5 games back, having just lost 5 in a row. I'm officially crossing off the Brewers from the postseason mix. You have to have momentum going into September, and the Brew Crew have about as much momentum as Ben Affleck's career. And while I never trust the Cubs to do anything right when it matters, I won't count out the Cardinals. Albert Pujols has been insane recently, and the team did win the Series last year. It will be a fun race to watch.... unless you're a Brewers fan, that is.
But don't fret, football season is upon us. And with Brett Favre in only year 32 of his NFL career and Wisconsin ranked #7 in both the AP and USA Today polls, you've probably already started skipping Brewer games to watch ESPN's fantasy football draft. Don't mix beer with cheese. Just abandon baseball for this year and get on track with football season. God knows the Brewers have.


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