Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Feel Better About Yourself?

Taking a break from sports for a minute, let's look at the #1 topic that's being talked about around every water cooler today: Miss Teen USA. More specifically, Miss South Carolina. Actually, it does relates to sports, since every sports radio talk show is spending half of their airtime discussing this (apparently) hilarious You Tube hit. So, an American teen tried to answer a simple question and ended up looking only a shade brighter than Forrest Gump? When does this get funny?

Now, I have as good of a sense of humor as the next guy, but I find this more worrisome than spectacular. If you have kids, realize that your children go to the same kind of schools that this girl attends. They receive the same education. I advise you to ask your kids the same question, and see how unintelligible their answers sound. If this was Miss Teen France then I would understand. But this girl will be voting, driving and more than likely breeding in the near future. This is something I don't find funny at all. People are getting dumber and dumber by the hour, and when something like this comes to light, it should be seen as a warning sign, not something to laugh about over lunch. Do you not see the irony that the question asked was itself about a bad American education system? Way to go America, you made the public stupidity of a fellow countrywoman an internet hit for all the world to see.


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