Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Fun

Today, U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl in New York upheld a ban on metal baseball bats for high school games. Here is a quote from the judge who is soon to be the best friend of bored housewives everywhere:

"While the record does not include clear empirical evidence showing that more serious injuries would occur without the ordinance, it is the city's legislative assessment that the risk is too great."

There seems to be a common idea that evidence has no place inside of the courtroom. Welcome to the 21st century, people. The continual sterilization of athletics, and society for that matter, is a growing concern of mine. What's next? Lowering the goal in little league basketball games? After all, the need to throw the ball higher could result in said ball to come down harder because of the necessary trajectory, which in turn could land on a kid's head and he might......cry. God forbid. We ban dodge ball in schools, won't allow metal bats, and make sure every kid has the same amount of playing time on the field. Do we need to coddle our kids any further? If your child is scared of playing baseball because of metal bats, let me tell you something: he is not going to be the next Derek Jeter. Pull him out, get him interested in music or math or whatever, because the "violence" associated with athletics is not going to go away. And it's your fault your child is a wuss, not Louisville Slugger's.

And on a side note, who is going to pay for all of these broken wooden bats? The schools? I'm pretty sure they're strapped for cash enough as it is. Wouldn't that money be better suited to go to the science or math departments? Oh, I forgot, there's no price tag for your child's safety, as long as somebody else is paying for it.


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