Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where Art Thou Head, Romeo?

As in one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays, the Browns' Romeo Crennel will have a tragic ending to his NFL career if he does not get Brady Quinn on the gridiron as soon as humanly possible. After being passed up by twenty teams in this year's draft, it would seem as though benching Quinn would be the smart way to go. But with all the knocks the former Notre Dame quarterback has taken, everybody seems to agree on one thing: out of all the quarterbacks in this year's draft, Brady Quinn was the most NFL-ready. Exactly what is the point of being NFL-ready if your coach isn't ready to put you in the NFL? The Browns are going absolutely nowhere. In arguably the toughest division in the league, a five win season would be a shock to most football fans. What is he going to learn on the bench? If a tutorial on how to get beaten up and thrown around like a rag doll is Crennel's secret plan, than may I suggest a different route? You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Look, Brady Quinn is not going to be discouraged if he starts off 0-7. He went to Notre Dame. I'm sure he's smart enough to realize that he was drafted by one of the most inept franchises of the NFL. Let him take his chops. The sooner he is acquainted with running an NFL team, the sooner he can ask for a trade to the Lions. And then the Browns can use their draft picks on other NFL-ready players that they refuse to start.


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