Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Les Miles should go to Michigan

Normally I'm opposed to coaches abandoning their schools for old dream jobs. I prefer that these men carve out their own niches and create their own legends with whatever school was kind enough to give them the opportunity. The only time I can remember thinking a leaving coach had made the right decision is when Bob Huggins went to West Virginia. If he was still with Cincinnati, then that would not be the case, but he was only at Kansas State for one year. With that being said, I think it's time for Les Miles to pack it up and leave the bayou.

Playing in the SEC is basically being matched up with a ranked opponent every single week. This makes it very hard to get to the national title game under the current BCS system. So why wouldn't you want to coach in the Big Ten, where you have only one important game a year, the Ohio State game.

Speaking of OSU, they have an opportunity to reach the title game after facing an incredibly weak non-conference schedule, and losing to an unranked opponent at home. Pretty sweet deal, right? Now, imagine that you can have that and coach at your alma mater, a perennial power house.

Coaching at LSU is like dating a porn star. You can never live up to what you think you need to do, and her past relationship is on public display. Yes, he could be "the guy" at LSU, but at what cost? I can't imagine anybody who would want any part of that. For most coaches, it will be the best job they could ever get in college football. But for Les Miles, there's Michigan. If he doesn't take it now, then he should forget about it. We don't need another Roy Williams fiasco. Because as Williams showed, no matter how hard you want to stay, your heart will always tell you to go.


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