Thursday, November 29, 2007

And you thought you hated Boston...

Everybody nowadays is hatin' on Boston. The Patriots are undefeated and running up the score, the Red Sox won the World Series, the Celtics got Garnett and Allen, hell, even Boston College was a top-5 school at one point. And now the Sox are in talks with the Twins about a possible trade for Johan Santana. You think that makes you mad? Imagine how people in Minnesota feel.

First, you had David Ortiz. After he was released from the Twins, Boston picked up Ortiz as a free agent. He has since become one of the most feared clutch hitters of all time, leading the Red Sox to two championships. Twins fans must have felt sick after seeing one of their own sign on another team and have so much success.

Then you have Randy Moss. Unhappy playing for the Vikings, Moss was sent to Oakland, where he redefined what being unhappy really meant. He sulked on the bench, barely did anything on the field, and forced the Raiders to ship him to the Patriots for a measly fourth round pick. So what did Moss do while in New England? he has 71 catches for 1,095 yards and 16 touchdowns. Ouch.

At least there was one superstar who seemed intent on staying in the Twin Cities. Kevin Garnett, no matter how bad the team was, seemed like a Timberwolve at heart. Then the 2007 offseason came, where once again Boston snagged a Minnesota star. The Celtics are now 11-2, with Garnett becoming the anchor and is seemingly rejuvenated.

Which brings us to this report, stating the Sox and Twins are discussing a four player trade for Johan Santana, which includes Coco Crisp, Jon Lester and minor-leaguer Jed Lowrie. I can't even fathom how fans in Minnesota feel right now. If Boston was to once again rob them of their riches, the fans up north should think about just becoming Sox/Patriots/Celtics fans and save themselves the trouble. After all, once Adrian Peterson gets the call from Bill Belichick, there won't be anyone else to root for.


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