Friday, November 2, 2007

Leave Andy Reid Alone

Andy Reid is having a bad autumn. The Eagles are under .500, he got nothing but gum when he went trick-or-treating, and now his kids have made the spotlight by going John Frusciante on him. The big headlines came from judge Steven O'Neill, who has called the Reid household a "drug emporium" and has said that their "family is in crisis". I've got one question: who cares?

There seems to be a mindset in this country that children are a reflection of their parents. This is why we have soccer moms and crazy dads who stab opposing little leaguers. People are people, and the Reid boys are both over 21 years old. And if you are that age, or remember when you were, then you know that a big percentage of young adults use drugs. It's part of reality. If actions within his household were overlooked, then it is unfortunate, yes, but he can fix it. Parents often see what they want to see with their children, looking past obvious warning signs as a type of denial. It's human nature, and even though Reid lives in Philly, he is indeed a human being.

All of the "experts" that are calling for Reid to step down need to take a chill pill (only if prescribed, of course). If anybody else had this happen within their family, they wouldn't be asked to quit their job to deal with it. There is plenty of time for him to get everything sorted out, so let Reid deal with his own problems. After all, your kids might be doing drugs while you're sitting around screaming about Andy Reid's kids.


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