Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bill Callahan, You're Fired!

Tradition is the strongest word associated with college football. It is what separates the NCAA from the NFL; the lack of parody and expectations that grow from year to year. Some schools simply succeed, and some simply don't. When it comes to football, Kansas was one of those teams who didn't, while Nebraska was rich in winning tradition. But Saturday erased all of that. Saturday killed tradition.

76 points is what the Cornhuskers' defense allowed. 11 touchdowns. Not only was Nebraska knee deep in high expectations, but they buttered their bread with defense. Not only does this once prominent school has no defense, but the coach can no longer defend himself. Bill Callahan: resign, or be gone and never show your face again.

I realize that every school has its ups and downs, even traditional powerhouses like Nebraska. But never (ever, ever, ever, ever) has this school allowed another school to score 76 points. It's an embarrassment. Granted, it was against a Jayhawk squad who is currently undefeated, and who might be top-5 ranked in a few hours, but still. As a KU fan myself, I actually felt sorry for the Huskers, a feeling I have never had in all my life. That's when you know things are bad.

If Nebraska University ever wants to get back to even semi-respectable stature, then they need to fire Callahan right now. Not at the end of the year, not at the end of the week, not tomorrow, not in five minutes, but right the hell now. He is a horrible coach. And in case the jury is still out, I'll give you 76 reasons why he should be coaching the offensive line at San Jose St. by January.


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