Friday, November 23, 2007

LSU's Loss Makes Hawaii Look Good

Arkansas' win over LSU on Friday night was huge, but make no mistake, a lot of people saw it coming. With the regular season winding down, some fans were still convinced that elite teams and conferences existed. They don't. What separates LSU from Hawaii and Ohio State from Kansas is a very thin line. Any team can lose on any given week, whether it's Oklahoma losing to Colorado or Michigan losing to Appalachian State. Get it in your head now: Nobody is safe.

The talent pool is now flooded in college football. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad loss, since there are quality players up and down on every roster in Division 1. What this means is that whoever wins it all this year has much more to brag about. This is a year where consistency wins out. It is the year of the coaches, where every Saturday comes down not to who has the best players, but what coaches can get their teams ready.

This, above all, is the reason I believe Hawaii should be considered for the BCS title game. Just about every other team has shown that they don't want it. LSU couldn't handle it, neither could Arizona State or Ohio State. We'll see if the Big 12 champion can handle it. But when Big Ten schools can lose to Division II schools, it makes Hawaii's run so much better. Yes, they have the weakest schedule, but is there such thing as a weak schedule anymore? No game is a gimme, no team can ever look ahead.

Santa, please bring me a playoff.


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