Thursday, November 29, 2007

The BCS is here to stay

Everyone is getting a little tired of explaining why there needs to be a playoff in college football, and that might be what the BCS mob wanted all along. In a report from the Sporting News, BCS coordinator Mike Slive is still convinced that a playoff isn't the cure. Here are his reasonings:

"One is protect the regular season. It might be trite to say there's a playoff every weekend, but there is. Secondly, we value the Bowl system. It gives a lot of student athletes an opportunity to compete for additional championships. And thirdly, there's an academic component. I know there are cynics about that, but there's an academic component, and we are going to keep football as a one-semester sport."

Let's take this piece by piece.

1. Protecting the regular season
There is not a playoff every weekend. Want proof? Hop on a plane or boat down to Hawaii, and ask Colt Brennan and the gang if they feel they are playing in a playoff. The reality is that no matter what, the Warriors will never have a chance to play for a national title. And don't whine about their schedule; they tried to get Michigan to play them, who instead opted to play Appalachian State. Great decision.

2. Keeping the bowl tradition
Last I checked, there are too many bowls to begin with. Ranging from the Bowl to the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (those are real, by the way), are they really that important? And considering that most playoff scenarios only have eight teams, that's only four bowls that are missing out. Not to mention that either: a.) you can add more bowls, or b.) make the playoff rounds bowls.

3. Academics
The worst reason of all. Do the Division II or III schools suffer from their playoffs? Do they not go to class? Why does it work for them but not for the Buckeyes and Gators? Take away the conference championships (which needs to be done anyways), and the month long layoff, and you could get the playoffs done by the first week of January. Remember: under an eight team playoff, only two teams would play three rounds.

So, in conclusion, this guy is full of crap. But we knew that already. Everyone who is not Slive or Kirk Herbstreit agrees on this. Somehow, we are still not closer to any real solution. I can't wait until March.


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