Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Four Down, One To Go

First time head coaches, even if they're winless, are just as smart (or dumb) as veteran coaches. Not at 0-7, not at 0-8, but it is at 0-9 that Cam Cameron decided to turn over the reigns to rookie John Beck. It is the right move. There is actually a reason for Dolphin fans to turn on the television come Sunday, much like me and my fellow Chiefs fans do. I pointed out five teams that needed to turn to their young guns on Monday, and after only two days, four of them have. The Bears are going with Rex Grossman and the Ravens are going with Kyle Boller. So, who's the odd man out? Oakland, of course.

The Raiders seem to be a long way from promoting first overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell to the starting quarterback. This is the team that is responsible for Grossman getting the starting job back, so that goes to show how bad they really are. They are done this season, which is pretty sad considering the state of the AFC West.

I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Oakland play the whole year without Russell getting a minute of playing time, which is just another inept move by this organization. I am one of the few people who think Russell shouldn't have been the #1 pick, so for me to think putting him out there is a good idea says a lot about how the Raiders conduct business. If you remember, Russell was barely a first day pick until he shined during his bowl game, which was against Notre Dame, by the way.

But at least the city of Oakland still has the A's....err....the Warriors....err....the 49ers....err....nevermind.


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