Monday, December 3, 2007

There is no national champion this year

My birthday is on January 8. The day before, Ohio State and LSU will play in the BCS title game. But when I'm out with friends and family accepting presents, there will still be no national champion. Oh, the record books will tell you that somebody was. One group of fans will brag about how their team won. But they will be wrong. This is very depressing.

I'm no longer angry about the BCS. I am simply sad. When I watch the Buckeyes and Tigers square off, I will be merely watching another football game. I cannot force myself to care.

The system is a farce, we know. It's just another year where we get to watch big name programs play in college football's biggest game. The BCS is happy about this. They perceive this as a victory.

I'm off to watch basketball now. There are no feelings towards this 2007 season that I can express. Thank you, BCS. You have me not even caring about a sport I used to love. Even as a Jayhawk fan, who got lucky in their bowl selection, I'm done.

Call me when there's a playoff.


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