Monday, December 3, 2007

Coaches' votes revealed

Just hours ago, I wrote about how my anger over the BCS had turned to pure sadness. Well, that didn't last long. Check this out, it's the voting record for every coach who had the power to alter the national title game. Let's look at some highlights, shall we?
The coaches for LSU, Ohio State, and Oklahoma voted their team #1. How are they allowed to do this? They obviously are biased.

Georgia coach Mark Richt voted his team #2. Give him some dap for that one. Same with Illinois coach Ron Zook, who voted his team #9. Maybe that's a little higher, but at least he controlled himself.

Dennis Franchione, coach of Texas A&M, voted Hawaii #22! The Warriors are they only undefeated team. What the hell? He also voted Oklahoma as #6.

Bobby Bowden has Oklahoma #10.

Howard Schnellenberger, coach of Florida Atlantic University, has an amazing looking card. This includes Kansas #2, Hawaii #3, Missouri #4, Boise State #10, and USC #12.

Check out the rest of it yourself. But this tells us one thing: the national title game, in part, is a freaking popularity contest. I guess we all knew this, but when you actually look at the votes, it's simply amazing. Opinions of men who have biases and haven't seen half of the teams have a say in who is where. What a bunch of B(C)S.


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