Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Michigan has overestimated its influence

One of the more shocking moments lost in the heap of shocking moments from this year's college football season, was that Notre Dame proved to be one of the worst teams in the country. What wiped the surprise off of our faces were teams like Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Connecticut, who proved to us that Div. 1 football is anybody's game. So we got used to the fact that the schools who once reigned over the land were no longer in control. Notre Dame, Miami and Florida State have already shown us that. But remember who was the first dragon to be slain?

Nobody knew that Michigan's loss to Appalachian State would be a theme for the 2007 season. But what is more important is that it could turn out to be the theme for Michigan's future. They couldn't possibly fall into the depths of obscurity, could they?

Believe me, they're trying. The ASU loss put a black mark on the program, embarrassing them on national television for all recruits to see. Any to add to that embarrassment, now they are coming off like an obsessive ex-lover.

Reports are that, even after signing a contract extension, Michigan is still pleading for Les Miles to come back home. After all, they are running out of options. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano turned down the offer, even though his school is more famous for the hair styles of their women's basketball team than football.

Truth is, nobody wants the Michigan job. So now it has turned back to Les Miles, a coach who has already rejected the job once, and is expected to do the same again. The Wolverines are becoming a joke. When coaches rather stay in the SEC or East Rutherford than go to Ann Arbor, it's a sign that the times they are a changin'. And the recruits are watching.


Anonymous said...

Hm...maybe you should have waited for the process to play out before making an asinine comment like "...nobody wants the Michigan job".

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