Thursday, December 13, 2007

Roger Clemens took it in the butt

Look what we've got here. Sitting on my bed, waiting for the Mitchell Report to come out, I found myself wondering why I cared so much. I would've put good money on the fact that no big name would've come out of it; I'm a fairly skeptical person. And then the names came out, none bigger than this one: Roger Clemens.

Oh, so that's how you are able to keep pitching when you're 45. According to the report, strength and conditioning coach Brian Mcnamee injected Clemens in the butt four times with Winstrol. The Cy Young winning pitcher also was in possession on Anadrol-50. And according to McNamee, Clemens "showed remarkable improvement" after taking the drugs.

So the question springs: should Roger Clemens be a Hall of Famer? I don't think he should. Critics, such as Mitchell himself, may argue that baseball is to blame, not the players. Let me give you an analogy. Were the 60s responsible for the deaths of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix? Was the culture to blame for the independent choices of drug use that its members would partake? Of course not. When you make the conscious decision to stick a needle in your ass so you can gain a competitive advantage, guess what, you need to accept responsibility. Baseball didn't force you to do drugs.

Hey, we've already made our decision on Barry Bonds. He's not worthy. Following that line of reasoning, Clemens shouldn't even be considered for the HOF. We haven't been able to make an example out of Bonds, so let's make one out of a guy that everybody likes. Show kids that no matter how good you are, how popular you are or how much you've accomplished, taking steroids will only give you problems. Problems that Clemens now has to face.


Anonymous said...

I like your ending argument. Sticking it to Clemens would most definitely send a stronger message than sticking it to Bonds. BURN THE WITCH!!!

Billy said...

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Anonymous said...

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