Monday, December 17, 2007

Better than 16-0

Now comes the question: do the Patriots play their starters and try for a perfect season? Usually, I would say yes. But with this team? I have something even better.

Belichick should sit his starters right now. And I mean everybody. Make it completely obvious that you don't care anymore. No linemen, no receivers, no safeties, no anybody. Any player that has played more than 30% of the snaps should sit out until the playoffs. Purposefully tank the next two games.

Why? Because then you can hold it over the '72 swine forever. Show how you were better and had more class. Let everyone speculate on what would've happened. Every year, during the Dolphins' celebration of the only undefeated season, they will be reminded of the '07 Pats. It will be bittersweet. The champagne will not go down smoothly.

Belichick, I know you have it in you. It is the ultimate end to what has been the perfect villainous season. Don't let Don Shula and company congratulate you on being in their special fraternity. Make them publicly pat each other on the back, while the rest of the world knows what would have truly happened. Every year would be an embarrassment for them.

Please make this happen.


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