Monday, December 17, 2007

Dolphins are no feel good story

Apparently sports has changed since I was a kid. I remember celebrating while being good, not when being bad. Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins were laughing, crying and high-fiving each other like they just won the Super Bowl. Why? They won their first game of the year - halfway through December.

What is it about the Dolphins that makes them so hateable? First, you have the crew of '72, whose arrogant champagne party celebrating their perfect season (which they've yet to have this year) makes them look like old buffoons. Then there's these guys. After beating one of the worst teams in the league, at home, needing overtime, to become 1-13 - you would have thought it was 1972 all over again. And they acted with the same amount of class.

I know it's a relief not to go down in history as the worst NFL in history, but c'mon, you're 1-13! I don't need to see the owner crying or the head coach pulling a Jimmy V on the sidelines. The whole scene made me sick. Act like you've been there before. And by "been there", I mean "won a game". After all, they opted out of starting their future QB (John Beck) for the best chance to win (Cleo Lemon). That's right, at a time when they are guaranteed to be the worst team, they rather win one meaningless game to save face then help their chances next year. Disgraceful. Any questions now why they went into this game winless?

Good for you, Miami. Soak it up, which you are, on all of the radio and television shows this morning. Have fun while it lasts. Because in a week, the New England Patriots are going to remind you of what you really are - the worst team in the NFL.


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