Friday, June 19, 2009

Sports Isn't Reality

I hate reality television. It is a commercialized, over-produced lie wrapped in a nice, advertised bow of truth. The Bachelor isn't really looking for love. Survivor contestants probably check their Facebook off camera. But the illusion of reality sells, and what drives the market is a world that is much better - and simpler- than real life. Only, in reality shows, when the real world rears its ugly Putin-like head, better T.V. is had. Like when Tila Tequila gets an STD.

Sports is the ultimate reality show. It's the first reality show. That's why we love it; sports is human emotion + skill - editing. Sports is raw - but not really. The world of sports is as fake as American Idol votes, and Jonathan Papelpon is a prime example.

When the Red Sox closer blurted out that he is open to join the rival Yankees when his contract is up, it sent shock waves around Red Sox Nation. How could he possibly speak such blasphemy?

Because sports is a business. Papelbon doesn't care about Boston lore and he has no loyalties. Pitching is what he does for a living, not to carry on a hatred between two cities. He loves what he does and he's good at it, isn't that enough?

Remember, the Red Sox are the same team that let Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens don pinstripes. And they are crying "traitor"?

Truth is, this is how nearly all professional athletes think. They don't care about your personal war. But they usually play the game. In the normal world of professional sports, Papelbon wouldn't let it be known that his colors run North until the moment he signed with New York. This keeps his integrity in Boston intact, and leaving us with the notion that our prejudices matter.

Well, they don't. This is the true reality of sports. We've only contrived a true dream scenario, which is no different than The Hills for teenagers. I love the drama of athletics, but let's not pretend that our heroes care about the same quarrels as we do. Any Sox fan would quickly change sides for a few million bucks, and Papelbon isn't any worse of a person for doing the same.


heartlandjeff said...

You're right. Many KC Chiefs players have switched their loyalties to the Radiers or the Broncos. But, if a Chief's FAN got transferred to Denver, they could never root for the Broncos. Or (God forbid) a Jayhawks fan took a job in Columbia, Mo. Hahahaha........THAT'S a much better example.

J Fish said...

No Jayhawk fan would move to Columbia. EVER.

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