Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Donte' Stallworth is not Michael Vick

Somehow, minorities getting in trouble hurts caucasians the most. It's because of what I all Angry White Man Complex. AWMC is when the collective hatred of the pigmently challenged rallies everyone else against them in the name of bigotry. It's what happened in the cases of O.J. Simpson and Michael Vick, and it's dangerously close to happen with the Donte' Stallworth mini-drama.

So, long story short, Stallworth, an NFL wide receiver, hit and killed a man with his car while driving under the influence. With that description, Stallworth should at least get the same penalty as Leonard Little, who did the same thing, and probably should get hit harder with Roger Goodell as Punisher in Chief. Except, the long story isn't short.

The facts seem to point to an accident. Not that Stallworth was a drunk whose impairment led to someone's death. Apparently, the story is that victim Mario Reyes darted out in front of Stallworth's car, and that the hit and run was unavoidable unless the star receiver made a miraculous car commercial-like move.

Oh, and it wasn't a hit and run. Stallworth stopped immediately, called the cops and volunteered to take a breathalyzer knowing he had been drinking. Seem like he premeditated a crime like torturing dogs?

The family settled financially, and the courts did so judicially. So why all the outrage? On today's broadcast of "Around The Horn" on ESPN, L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke said that the verdict "stinked", was "all about the money" and is "wrong". Well, Mr. Plaschke, if the family is satisfied, then why aren't you? Stop looking at the case by face value and look at the facts. If the NFL wants to punish Stallworth for driving drunk, then fine, so be it. But the fact that a professional athlete didn't serve what sports writing legal experts consider ample time doesn't mean that it's another case of a celebrity getting off light.

Seriously, learn the facts folks.


Anonymous said...

So true. People jump to conclusions without ALL the facts. Shouldn't he be commended because he did the right thing AND accepted the consequences. He knew he could be facing jail time but didn't run like most people would. I want a beer.
Aunt Deb.....

Rosie said...

Wow. An athlete taking responsibility for his actions. Who knew they existed!!

Rockstar said...

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