Friday, January 11, 2008

Playoff Storylines

With the NBA lagging, college basketball just starting, and college football now over, the time is being filled with worthless "stories" leading into Round 2 of the NFL playoffs. While some are actually important, just as many mean nothing as far as the game is concerned. Here is what matters and should be ignored going into the weekend.

Tony Romo and Tom Brady like to go outside
Definitely my least favorite trend in sports media at the moment. I don't care that Romo went to Cabo with Jessica Simpson, or that Brady was in New York with his girlfriend. The Romo thing was blown up more, since his girlfriend is more famous than he is. But when you look at it, he spent his bye week in the same manner as Brady, who has three rings. And this is bad how?

The Jaguars take a shot at the Patriots
Though taken down already, the Jags' website had an asterisk next to New England's record. During the regular season, yeah, Belichick would have used this. But with the Super Bowl in their sights, the Pats don't need extra motivation anymore. Maybe it will just be the reason they pour it on in the fourth quarter.

Antonio Gates is hurt
Trust me, it wouldn't have mattered anyways. Philip Rivers and Norv Turner, or Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy? 'Nuff said.

Terrell Owens is hurt
This one actually matters. The Cowboys need someone to get open fast with the Giants' defensive line expected to swarm quickly on Romo. If Owens isn't that guy, at least he can gain attention and make Jason Witten be it. Dallas has a good chance of losing this one if Owens can't be productive.

The Packers are young, the Seahawks are not
Brett Favre has been there, but the rest of the Packers can't say the same. Seattle, on the other hand, are two years removed from the Super Bowl with a lot of playoff experience. Not to mention Mike Holmgren might know a thing or two about Favre. Time to see if Green Bay is for real.


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