Monday, January 14, 2008

Cry Me a River

Wow. After a great weekend of playoff football, I received a big dose of crying and whining. One was expected, while another was just plain weird.

Let's start off the the weird. That would be Terrell Owens, who got choked up after defending Tony Romo. With eyes watering and mouth quivering, Owens was quick to have his boy's back, saying the loss to the Giants was because of the whole team and shouldn't be blamed on the quarterback alone. Props to him. T.O. has changed a lot in the past year, becoming a great teammate and anything but a distraction. Of course, most of what I'm hearing from people is that he's a crybaby and was just doing it for show. Then again, most people are retarded.

And then there was my least favorite sports moment of the weekend: Philip Rivers. Yep, he's moved on from taunting Jay Cutler to taunting Colts fans. What the hell is this guy's problem? Let's see, he's won two playoff games (yippee!). Actually, make that one playoff game, since it was Billy Volek who led the winning drive for the Chargers.

But hey, I like it when players have a little arrogance in them, especially quarterbacks. Only one problem; last year's game against the Patriots. Yep, that's when the Chargers called New England "classless" for dancing on their logo. So when Rivers took it upon himself to taunt fans on the road, he just did what he's done all season, act like a eight year old kid. All this team does it talk smack (or in Shawn Merriman's case, inject it). It will be fantastic next weekend when the Pats demolish them. Well, until Rivers and Tomlinson start whining and making excuses, which is their M.O. At least for one weekend, New England won't be the villains on the field.

But you stay classy, San Diego.


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