Monday, January 7, 2008

Eli wins playoff game, voted into Hall of Fame

You know, sometimes I think the media ain't all that bad. Take Eli Manning, for example. He's been getting ripped on for years. Now, whether you believe it was warranted, or if you believe that his was cursed by members of the Saints to make his throws end up ten feet over Plaxico Burress' head, it doesn't really matter. Because now Manning #2 has won a playoff game, which means he is the second coming of Christ.

So here's a lesson if the media is being mean to you: just do well. Then, you become God-like, who can do know wrong. And this is the treatment that Eli Manning is getting today. Who knew beating a team led by Jeff Garcia was such an immaculate thing? Just remember, once the Giants get pounded, and Eli throws a back-breaking pick, you can be sure that Skip Bayless will proceed to eat his soul.

And then there is the San Diego Chargers, a team that is impossible to root for. Let's break down their key players:

Phillip Rivers: the Rex Grossman of the AFC. He taunts other quarterbacks who are better than him (which is everyone other than Grossman), and whines to referees like his opinion actually matters. It doesn't.

LaDanian Tomlinson: Ever wonder where Rivers gets his whining from? Tomlinson literally cries after games. He blames everyone other then himself for anything that goes wrong. And I would take Larry Johnson or Adrian Peterson over him any day. Why? Because they don't run out of bounds at any sign of contact.

Shawn Merriman: First, he takes steroids. Second, does he have to celebrate after every tackle? Now it's washed over to the other defenders, making this the cockiest team in the league. Oh, but when the Patriots celebrate after actually winning? The Chargers get upset. Apparently, who can only celebrate after you do something marginally impressive, which you get paid millions of dollars to do anyways.

Thanks Tampa Bay and Tennessee, for making me watch these two teams for another week. At least it's only one more.


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