Friday, March 21, 2008

The Return: March Madness Style

To all the sports fans and the unemployed, sorry about the long layoff, but J Fish Sports is back. And what better time to return then during the best sporting event of the year? So let's jump right into it.

There's been a lot of talk about a majority of people going chalk or close to it in their brackets. I, for one, have three #1 seeds in my Final Four, which is something I try very hard not to do. But it's been obvious all season long that there are a handful of really good teams, and everybody else is mediocre at best. Kansas, UNC, UCLA, Memphis, Tennessee and Texas make up the elite. I would be shocked if one of these teams doesn't win the whole thing.

You might notice I didn't put Duke in there. Did you happen to see how they Steve McQueened their way out of Round One? I have never seen such a highly touted team, in such a highly touted conference, who does nothing but shoot threes for forty minutes. Seriously, ALL THEY DO IS SHOOT THREES! I have them out by the weekend. Plus, will somebody explain to me why Coach K is so great? Seems to me that he is good at recruiting perimeter perusing white kids who can shoot, and then tells them to just shoot every trip down the court. When is the whole "coaching" thing come into play?

Well, Day One was extremely uninteresting, so hopefully things will pick up. And by pick up, I mean a bunch of upsets that completely ruin by bracket and kill any chances I had for bragging rights. Cause really, isn't that what March is all about?


Lawrence III said...

I believe Coach K is the best recruiter in the game. He is highly respect by the national basketball community. He was chosen by the US Olympic Committee for a reason. He knows how to groom boys into men.

That being said he may not be the best when it comes to play formulation...he does lack coaching skills, but he makes up for that with recruiting and intangibles.

Think of him as a better version of Bill Self.

Michael Seff said...

I like the blog. Surprised that all four No. 1 seeds made the Final Four. Like I wrote on my blog, made it all the more boring even though the quality of basketball was good.


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